Smart technologies for a smart future

Utility companies face growing technology challenges. They must reduce exposure to penalties associated with NERC CIP noncompliance, and they must modernize transmission and distribution networks to support IP-enabled services. Add to this the need to guard against cyber threats through network segmentation and data protection.

Meanwhile, big data presents an opportunity to improve demand forecasts, generation optimization and overall operations. But most utility companies aren’t gearing up fast enough.

WWT’s Utilities Practice works with companies to develop IT solutions that meet business requirements and further regulatory compliance. Our solutions improve visibility into areas of concern and speed identification and response initiatives. By working with our experts through our Advanced Technology Center, our customers can design and test solutions for common challenges facing utilities. These include:

  • Building an advanced metering infrastructure
  • Making IPv6 upgrades
  • Filling NERC CIP v5 compliance gaps
  • Holistically addressing cyber and physical security
  • Enabling workforce collaboration
  • Expanding field mobility
  • Big Data and Sensor Analytics On-demand Webinar

    Sensors provide utility companies with a tremendous amount of information, but a traditional approach to analytics often prevents them from making the most of it. Watch our on-demand webinar to explore the use of predictive analytics to schedule machine maintenance, cluster alarm types and identify downtime.
  • How Utilities Can Derive Value From Sensor Analytics

    Learn how utilities are tapping their data resources to directly impact business models, operations, processes and revenue through big data analytics.